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Jan 062015

The show has just started. This is a section in front of the Haunted Mansion. Note that the front row is against a fence that has “packing crates” against it, so you can’t see through the fence.

Man (in back row of section): Sit down in front.

Man: Sit down!

Man (yelling now): Sit down in front!

Man: We can’t see over you. Sit down!

Man (still yelling): Thank you all for being jerks. Thank you very much. You’re very nice.

Woman (near man): There’s something in front of them. They can’t see if they sit down.

Man (still very loud): People in the other sections are sitting down.

Woman: They can see through the fence.

Man (yelling again): You should at least have some consideration for other people. Sit down!

He gave up after that.

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Jan 022015



Hotel letter, brochures, D/L literature, rate sheet & ParKalendar

August 5, 1970

Dear Sir:

Sometime this month I hope to take my family down to Disneyland. I have in my posession a “Magic Kingdom Club” card #x. Could you please tell me what and how much it would cost to use this membership card — in accord to this special discount for the Hotel and tickets.

Thank you

Jan 012015

Guest: Do you know when the next show is?

Cast member: In about ten minutes.

Another guest: When’s the next show.

Cast member: In about ten minutes.

Still another guest: Can you tell me when the show starts?

Cast member: Ten minutes.

Yet another guest: When’s the next show.

Cast member (a little too loud): Nine minutes. Look, do you see that? You know what that is? It’s a clock directly above my head showing exactly when the next show is. All you have to do is look up. Yes, I know when the next show is, because I can look up, at the clock, right over my head!

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Dec 312014


D/L brochure, rate sheet & ParKalendar 8/14 rs


Dear Sir:

Enclosed is your card & a $1.00 for “Disney News”.

I understand with the Disneyland Magic Kingdom Club Card, their are special prices.

I wish to know how much they are. We received our card through International Paper Company Container & [illegible] Division.

Our card number is: x. Thank you very much.


Rec. $1.00

Aug 14, 1970

Dec 302014

A couple with a small boy being carried by his father.

Father: Want to go on Indiana Jones.

Mother: He’s too small. They won’t let him on.

Father: We can do the child-swap thing.

Mother: No thanks. We’ve come this far, let’s keep him.

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Dec 292014


August 10, 1970

Dear x

Thank you for your letter regarding membership in the Magic Kingdom Club.

Our Club is for people working in California, whose company has more than 100 employees and an active recreation program. Your father or mother might already belong to the Magic Kingdom Club at their place of employment. If not, they may ask their personnel manager or recreation director to contact us regarding membership.

Again, thank you for your interest in Disneyland.


Club Manager


Dec 242014


Ho, ho, ho!

I’ve kept an especially close eye on you this year, and I’m delighted to announce you’re once again on my “nice” list. Keep up the great work!

Here at the North Pole, my elves are busy wrapping presents, the reindeer are fine-tuning their landings, and I’ve even shed a few pounds. We’re all looking forward to making this the most magical holiday season ever!

With merriment,
Santa Claus

 These letters were given to children waiting to see Santa Claus at Disneyland in 2013.

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Dec 192014

2014_1121_postcard_35bX Fla

Hi just to let you no so we are enjoying ourself we sure had a good time and took in a lot of side shows you get the tickes[?] what[?] you go in: Love Pop & Mom

I could definitely use some help with the handwriting on this one. If you have a better idea what the [?] items say, let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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Dec 182014

Skipper: And now, on your left, the amazing, the stupendous, the eighth wonder of the world — the back side of water!

Guest: (Begins to sincerely laugh hysterically.)

Skipper (staring at her slack jawed): Wow.

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