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Dec 122014


Name x
Number of Children in Your Family 0

Address x
Their Ages, Please —

City x
State California
Zip x

Is This Your First Visit to Disneyland? (Yes)___ (No)_x_

What Attraction or Ride did You Enjoy the Most Today?
Pirates of the Caribbean

Any Other Comments
Its a great place. Please send me some information about discounts. Thank-you x

2014_1121_letter_06August 27, 1970

Dear Mr. x

Thank you for your recent query regarding Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom Club.

Membership cards are available to employees of member organizations in California having an active recreation program and employing a minimum of 100 permanent personnel. Magic Kingdom Club membership cards are not issued on an individual basis at Disneyland.

If you are employed by an organization meeting this requirement, we suggest you contact the personnel office. If membership is not available, you might ask the personnel manager or recreation director to contact us….there is no charge to you or your employer.

Again, thank you for your interest.


Club Manager


Dec 102014


Dear X —

Thanks a lot for the nice card. I had a wonderful birthday. I talked to x & x they seem very happy. They also sent me some pictures to look at of the family and x is a doll. Would love to get ahold of her.

It is gelling cold a storm coming in, but we have had beautiful weather.

Love x

(we ate dinner here. I had letter from x.

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Dec 082014



Please send me the libretto to “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Thank you!


For postcards like this, I really wish I knew how it happened to be saved and how it made its way to my hands. I recall that I purchased this one on eBay along with a stack of others, and I’d love to know how it got there!

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Dec 052014


X, X, X, X & X,

Having a fantastic time. Weather is 85-90F° (if kids remember what ‘F°’ is) Disneyland is amazing. So much to do. We start at 8:00 and come back to nap at 1:00. Go again from 4-10:00. Light show and fireworks every night. Have not tryed the newest ride — Splash Mountain. A 2 hour wait! Most other rides about 15-20 min. X & X both like the Matterhorn roller coaster. I’m surprised they would even try it!

Love X, X, X & X

P.S. Understand you had a pretty ‘Hot’ vacation too!

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Dec 042014

(A mother and her small son have just passed a young man with a very tall Mohawk haircut)

Mother: Did you like that man’s hair?

Child: Yes.

Mother: Do you think it took a lot of work to make his hair like that?

Child: Yes.

Mother: Would you like Mommy to do her hair like that?

Child (yelling): No!

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Dec 032014


Hi X

Went to Disneyland Friday — it is pure magic — impossible to describe. The color, the shows, the overall razamataz has to be seen, I thoroughly enjoyed it — even the queues!!. Yes — shades of Expo. There from 9am until 11pm. Had to stay for the electric light show after dark. As I say, pure magic — we were like big kids. Even had Count Basie Band — made my day. Mexico yesterday — flaked out today.

Hope the blinds look ok.

Love X xxx

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